Not Alone
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Pierre Berge Exhibition - Brussels

Galerie Felix Frachon, February 2022, Brussels, Belgium

L'Appartement - Constantin Chariot, November 2022, Brussels, Belgium

Galerie Samuel Maenhoudt, August 2019, Knokke, Belgium

L'Accueil, March 2019, Brussels, Belgium

Galerie Berko, April 2018, Knokke, Belgium

L'Accueil, March 2018, Brussels, Belgium

B19, September 2017, Brussels, Belgium

L'Accueil, February 2017, Brussels, Belgium

Galerie Fontana, Louise 186, March 2016, Brussels, Belgium

Galerie Clairefontaine, January-February 2016, Luxembourg

L'Accueil, January 2016, Brussels, Belgium

Guy Pieters Gallery, November-December 2015, Knokke, Belgium

Galerie Clairefontaine, group show, November-December 2015,  Luxembourg

Galerie Fontana, September-November 2015, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Musee des Sciences Naturelles, Museum Night Fever, March 2015, Brussels, Belgium

L'Accueil, January 2015, Brussels, Belgium

Soho Photo Gallery, January 2014, NYC, New York, U.S.A.

Guy Pieters Gallery, March-April 2014, Saint Paul de Vence, France

Fotofever Art Fair, October 2012, Brussels, Belgium

Nadine Gallery, January to March 2012, Paris, France

Samuel Maenhoudt Gallery, October 2011, Knokke, Belgium

Pierre Bergé & Associés, February 2011, Brussels, Belgium

B19, Autumn 2011, Brussels, Belgium

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